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DJ Basics: 8 Bar Edits

A Brief History:
For a long time, mainstream American music has been a sequence of 4-bar (or multiples of 4-bar) phrases. In American Hip Hop, an 8 or 12 bar verse is followed by an 4 or 8 bar chorus. Usually popular dance music is a collection of longer multiples of 4-bar choruses (8 to 16-bar intro beats — 8 to 16-bar introduction of an instrument leaving a 32 to 64 bar segment before the heart of the song begins). Some “edits” only add an 8-bar intro while others also attempt to correct phrasing in the chorus or bridge even quantizing a track to perfect 4/4. Continue reading

Not sure if modeling, or rocking.

What do you guys think?

The female band has had their accessories and music arranged for them. Not that I’m complaining. With any Kpop idol, you have the entire production company behind the idol making the image decisions. Like Kpop, image matters half as much as the music, if not more, when promoting an idol. The focus of this video seems to be on the fact that, “Whoa, chicks are rocking, and it’s to kpop!” These chicks are wearing product placed by sponsors, so it looks like a win-win for everyone involved. This looks like a great direction for Kaila Yu‘s new career. Continue reading

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