Not sure if modeling, or rocking.

What do you guys think?

The female band has had their accessories and music arranged for them. Not that I’m complaining. With any Kpop idol, you have the entire production company behind the idol making the image decisions. Like Kpop, image matters half as much as the music, if not more, when promoting an idol. The focus of this video seems to be on the fact that, “Whoa, chicks are rocking, and it’s to kpop!” These chicks are wearing product placed by sponsors, so it looks like a win-win for everyone involved. This looks like a great direction for Kaila Yu‘s new career.

My only worry is that the real talent isn’t featured in the music video. According to the info of the Nylon Pink video, Frederick Scott produced the music. What we can see is that having boobs in a male-dominated entertainment industry matters. (**Editor’s note:deleted reference to a famous female dj**) Being a female DJ in a male DJ world opens doors. Somehow, having a female behind the decks somehow makes a set more appealing.

Maybe I’ll use my girlfriend to be my DJ front for future gigs.

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