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Extendit: [132 BPM Fm] Noraebang Edition ~ DJ DOC – Run To You

Maybe there was a time when DJ DOC was cool. Don’t get us wrong: we still think the hip hop group is bad-ass — it’s just in a very different way. Oh yeah, back in those days, the dudes had hip hop ANTHEMS. They also had a better set of female back-up dancers that could do the booty-shake. Though After School seems to do a good job. Today, their sound remains essentially the same, but it’s become a funny-silly sort of cool instead of the former gangsta sort of cool.

Although the original song had an intro verse that made the song mixable (though all songs are technically mixable..), we revamped the original to give it more DJ structure with a harder kick. We hope you kiddos will play this oldie now that it’s easily mixable. It’s a classic! If audience is more of the kpop-clubber-something-crowd, they should know it. But, hell, if they don’t know it you should play it anyway because it’s just that great. We’ll bounce.

The 132 BPM Fm eHash Edit of DJ DOC’s Run To Me is downloadable here.

[135 BPM C#m] Teen Top (틴탑) – Crazy (미치겠어) (areia electro popstep remix)

As the title indicates, Areia (Jun) released his latest fan-funded remix Thursday. The musical surgery pretty much gives the male teen group the testosterone it needs. After listening to the Areia remix, the original instrumental sounds like an emasculated single– akin to a female group like After School. Surely, Spin Kpop isn’t the only one who feel this way?

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Is Planning A DJ Set Cheating?

The folks at DJTechTools wrote a great article earlier this week that examined a question that a lot of us face: is planning for a set cheating?

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Extend-it: Sistar 19’s Ma Boy (eHash ReWork) A# 90 BPM

Suddenly that shy, conservative, korean girl that you know, drops it like it’s hot. That’s what this track does to people: it brings out the inner hooch. Maybe this is because, for the kpop crowd, Sistar19’s Ma Boy is at the border between real hoochie music and kpop cotton-candy. Wishing to stay within the fluffly world of kpop, k-poppers can still act ghetto secksay.

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Epitone Releases Big Bang Fantastic Baby Remix


Epitone gives us another kpop banger to get crunk to. Following his gig at Club Marquee in NYC, Pete decided to make his remix public. From what we gather, it sounds like he worked on this track with a high schooler with some nice toys. We won’t comment much on this release, but we like it. Epitone had us DJs in mind with this release with a clean extended intro and outro. Download it here.

The usual info: 130 BPM in the Key of Dm.

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4 Tips to Make a Better Anime Convention Set

Anime Con season has started. An Anime Dance is a strange, wondrous, beast where otakus, ravers and confused parents unearth themselves from underground sects of society to mingle and coexist in a public place a couple times a year. For many of these participants, this one of their few chances to socialize outside of the internet. So where does this leave you?

As an Anime Convention DJ, it is your obligation to make these events a celebration for the attendees. Unlike their Japanese counter-part, American otaku’s are proud of their otaku-dom. In this way, Anime conventions are an otaku-pride event where otakus meet other otakus that they wouldn’t find else where. The Anime Dance is another expression of this validation. If the day-events of the Anime convention are the show, the Anime Dance is the after-party.. and everyone wants to be at the after party.

We’ve compiled the following short list of tips for you to keep in mind for improving your own Anime Convention set. While we like to make it clear that these are tips and not rules, many of these tips are common etiquette held by DJ’s outside of anime conventions. Read on.

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Maintainence Update: Now embedding music players

If you haven’t noticed by now, we’ve retrofitted the blog to have embedded music players. Finally, we are now up to date with most music blogs. As you can probably imagine, this upgrade involved the use of college professors who devised complex algorthims spanning several green chalkboards and a highly-trained technical staff who engineered analogue machinery in white lab coats. Yessir, we here at Spin Kpop spare no expense.

No longer do you have to save an audio file to your desktop before listening to it. The purpose of this feature is to help you listen to music faster, and to help you with your download-decision-making.

Extend-it: Blue Exorcist

Every now and then you like to spin asian pop that isn’t k-pop, right?

For many of us, it’s approaching that time of the year when we prepare for the Anime Convention Circuit. As any self-respecting Anime Convention DJ will have you know: you need your anime soundtracks– especially when the anime soundtracks come from Kpop groups. For today’s post we’ve included a double-shot of two, dj-friendly, ending tracks from the Blue Exorcist anime. Continue reading

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Extend-it: Fantastic Roly Poly Baby (PeterLo vs eHash ReWork) 130BPM Dm

Oh the things people do to harmonize an accapella with an instrumental. The disco-friendly “Roly Poly” has been re-imagined in so many different ways (here and here, for example), this particular rendition has an unnatural pitch just for thrills. We’re not expecting any DJ drops with this, but nonetheless, here’s an extended version for mix-ability. Fantastic Roly Poly Baby. Maybe it’s a good one for parties that have gone on for too long?

The usual info:

  • 130 BPM
  • Key of Dm
  • 32 beats before intro verse
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Extend-it: DJ Huygens’ Madeon Mashup Extended

We couldn’t help ourselves. How could we not? The original was so great we had to give it the structure it deserved for more DJ play. Check it out: eHash 8 + 8 edit of DJ Huygens’ Mashup of Madeon feat. 2NE1, BIGBANG & SE7EN / Icarus.

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