SNSD – Gee (eHash 2-11 edit) C#m, 100BPM

We’ve uploaded our first Kpop edit. This first one being, perhaps, the most essential. A classic to be played whenever asian pop is requested, this song is a must for any Kpop DJ library. Behold, SNSD’s Gee.

The song is 100 BPM. To assist with transitions it has two 8 bar loops before the intro verse. We’ve included audio cues at the end of each 8 bar phase within the intro to make sure your phrases are lining-up. If you are wondering how we decided on the length of the intro, or how this will help you in your mixing, you can review last week’s post on 8-bar-intros. This edit also has an extended outro if you’re struggling with the next song.

The key of the song is in C# minor. If you’re into that harmonic mixing thing, this means that this song should go well with other songs in C#m, D#maj (E♭major), F#minor or G#minor.

Let us know what you think of the edit in the comments. We plan on releasing edits on a regular basis.

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2 thoughts on “SNSD – Gee (eHash 2-11 edit) C#m, 100BPM

  1. […] you an 16 bar intro and it carries throughout the track so dancers can keep rocking. Like our last SNSD gee edit, this song is also in the key of C#m, so the same suggestions for harmonic mixing […]

    • Maksuda says:

      Amazing! A work of art! I love the icons, the background putrices and i’m simply stunned by the fact that it’s just a beta! it’s perfect the way it is, my fellow sone May i request more of these wonderful themes? Cause you have a fan of your work right here! P.S. Add me on PSN (Thick_Grin ) if you ever want an opinion or some putrices, i would be glad to help! ^^

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