Extend-it: Blue Exorcist

Every now and then you like to spin asian pop that isn’t k-pop, right?

For many of us, it’s approaching that time of the year when we prepare for the Anime Convention Circuit. As any self-respecting Anime Convention DJ will have you know: you need your anime soundtracks– especially when the anime soundtracks come from Kpop groups. For today’s post we’ve included a double-shot of two, dj-friendly, ending tracks from the Blue Exorcist anime.

DJ AMAYA is pretty much the standard for any anime con circuit. You can find him, and his anime/asian pop remixes, at virtually every anime convention. Last year he came out with a remix of 2PM’s “Take Off.” The original version of the song can be seen during the credits sequence of the first twelve episodes of Blue Exorcist. On it’s own, it’s an emotional/mellow piece. In response to this, DJ AMAYA performed his own groovebot exorcism on the single, making it a demon worthy of any anime con dance. It’s a nice progressive house remix that can downloaded >here<.

Our own in-house team was able to create an extended intro of the other ending of the Blue Exorcist anime. Though we weren’t able to create a side-chaining, thumping, track like DJ AMAYA, we felt that Meisa Kuroki’s  hypnotizing “Wired Life” was strong enough to speak for itself. The extended intro is in for your mixing pleasure. It’s in Em at 128 BPM. Download the eHash rework >here<.

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One thought on “Extend-it: Blue Exorcist

  1. Arigbede says:

    Ole1 Tiago! Ne3o he1 outros capedtulos no mundo de Shippuuden, todos este3o lsioadts acima. Nosso processo de postagem e9: Aguardar a passagem do desenho no Jape3o(Onde e9 desenvolvido), gravar e legendar, para ente3o postar aqui no SkyNet dentro de 24 horas. Portanto todos os capedtulos que ve3o saindo semanalmente se3o publicados logo em seguida no SkyNet. Muitos assim como vocea gostariam de ver o resto do anime, mas como ele ainda este1 em desenvolvimento, temos de aguardar toda quinta-feira para ver um novo episf3dio.Abrae7e3o.

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