Is Planning A DJ Set Cheating?

The folks at DJTechTools wrote a great article earlier this week that examined a question that a lot of us face: is planning for a set cheating?

It outlines pretty much everything you should think about when answering the above question- How much you’re cheating the crowd, or how much you’re cheating yourself. It seems to me (Peter) that this is a problem that many of the newbie kpop DJs run into for their first radio mixsets. Here are some of the highlights of the article if you have short patience:

  • Not all of those epic DJ moments that you see occur organically.
  • Fully-prepared DJ sets don’t respond to the changing needs of the crowd.
  • There’s a scale of set preparation– from crating to exact song and sample sequencing.
  • A healthy set likely has a mix of canned tricks and crates for on-the-fly mixing. talks about how it’s essential to have the guts to take chances. If you’re not taking chances you’re not getting better. That canned set will be the pinnacle of your DJ ability, and you will always live underneath its shadow.

How much do you prepare for your sets? Spin Kpop recommends having the balls to fuck up.

2 thoughts on “Is Planning A DJ Set Cheating?

  1. […] to the wall effort to try something different from playlisting. Screw it, so what if he effs up? He takes his chances here to deliver some entertaining A vs B play — something that all DJs should offer beyond […]

  2. Fabiana says:

    Hello:Hope everything is great! We are a duo from Canada, and we would like to sumibt a demo to your label, which way is the best way to do it?Thank you, and look forward to hear from you soon!

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