[135 BPM C#m] Teen Top (틴탑) – Crazy (미치겠어) (areia electro popstep remix)

As the title indicates, Areia (Jun) released his latest fan-funded remix Thursday. The musical surgery pretty much gives the male teen group the testosterone it needs. After listening to the Areia remix, the original instrumental sounds like an emasculated single– akin to a female group like After School. Surely, Spin Kpop isn’t the only one who feel this way?

What we really like about Areia remixes are the breaks. Jun clearly succeeds with his latest break, dubbed pop-step, that has us hitting the replay just for this section (at 3:02). On a completely separate note, we’re amused by Traktor / Touch OSC’s presence in a Kpop Music video. DJs have a visual presence in Kpop MV’s, it seems.

Just shut-up and show us the music link, already!

Alright. Having us DJ’s in mind, Areia creations made a DJ version available here. 135 BPM in C#m (or Dbm).

3/24/12 Editors note: earlier, we posted the incorrect BPM. As pointed out by Areia, article is now changed to reflect correct BPM: 135.

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