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DJ’ing with Japanese versions of Kpop singles; 2ne1 Teaser : Scream

The news broke earlier today. From what we’ve been able to gather at this point, and our guess is inconclusive, it looks like the single will be in Japanese without a Korean counterpart. This isn’t the first time a Kpop group released a single purely in Japanese. In 2011, SNSD released Mr. Taxi with a positive commercial response. Continue reading

SNSD – Gee (eHash 2-11 edit) C#m, 100BPM

We’ve uploaded our first Kpop edit. This first one being, perhaps, the most essential. A classic to be played whenever asian pop is requested, this song is a must for any Kpop DJ library. Behold, SNSD’s Gee. Continue reading

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[DJ Huygens] Madeon vs YG artists

DJ Huygens is a 17-year-old mashupper/producer in the french-Kpop scene. Winner of the SNSD The BoysΒ remix contest, Huygens rivals DJ Masa as the next kpop mashup artist to follow.

We thought it was worth sharing one of his latest mashups. Madeon’s Icarus makes a great instrumental, and Huygens takes full advantage of pitch bending to fit accapellas into the song’s structure. As the video title indicates, the track takes accapellas from: 2ne1, Big Bang & Se7en.

We’re currently thinking of making an extended version of Huygens’ mashup to drop in your sets, but given atmospheric intro of the original, this may be unneeded. Let us know in the comments.

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