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[176 BPM Key of A#m] Nine Muses – Ticket (Trance Blossom Remix)

There’s no doubting that happy hardcore, hardstyle and jcore are the genres for the anime convention circuit. With a BPM range between 160-180 it becomes hard, if not virtually impossible, to insert your kpop gems into the mix. But don’t worry: Trance Bloom‘s got your ticket to ride. The Nine Muses song was already at an uneasy 88/176 BPM, so this hardcore remix comes as a natural fit. Trace Blossom’s remix shifts the key from Fm to A#m.

Some thanks is due to Trance Blossom for catering to us DJs with the two rounds of 32 beats in the extended intro before the verse. Thanks, dude! He’s also quite generous in the outro — giving you plenty of time and space to ease out of the track. Just note the pickup snare at the start of the song that might mess with your count.

You can follow Trance Blossom on his Website, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr.

[136 BPM Key of Am] Girls Day – Oh My God! (Epitone Remix)

Oh my Gah! We needed this one. Yesterday, Epitone released his Girls Day remix just in time for a couple of us to drop at ACEN this weekend. We’ll have to take more time to fully digest this remix and comment on it further, but rest assured: it’ll be seeing some club play.

Like our favorite remix of his, High High, we enjoy the instrumental sections within this remix (found at 1:34 & 3:36). It requires a great deal of confidence, and a solid grasp of music composition, to insert these moments into a remix. It’s because of sections like these that a remix truly becomes a separate song from the original, and Epitone completely deserves your applause for it.

The remix has two 32 bars for both the intro and outro to give you room to beatmatch and improvise. Just observe the harmonic synths in the intro that makes the intro a little less bare-bones than most.

Epitone’s: Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr

[70/140 BPM Key of Dm] DJ G Sweet – Fantastic Baby 2012

A musical score for the evil ascension of a main character in a feature film, or soundtrack for your own sinful descent into the abyss, we enjoy sulking in G Sweet’s rendition of Fantastic Baby. We won’t comment much on this mashup, but it certainly deserves your listen with some decent studio monitors.

If the demand is there, we may make an extended version of our own, or perhaps DJ G Sweet will provide us with one.

Subscribe to DJ G Sweet on youtube.


4 Minute – Ready Go
After School – Bang
Dal Shabet – Hit You
GD & Top Ft Bom – Oh Yeah
LED Apple – Time Is Up
Wonder Girls – DJ Is Mine
T-Ara – YaYaYa
4 Minute – Why
M Blaq – Y
Big Bang – Sombody To Love
After School – Rambling Girls
Dal Shabet – Pink Rocket
Secret – Madonna
2NE1 – I Don’t Care
Sistar – Alone
Clazziquai Project – Love Again

We’re starting a new series here at We call it: Mixed. On a monthly basis we’ll select your submitted Kpop mixtapes and we’ll explain why they’re good. DJ G Sweet kicks us off with a mix he made within 12 hours of our request to him. We hope this mix will serve as an example of how to create a kpop mixtape of your own. A review and download of the mix after the break.

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[126 BPM G#M] m-flo – She’s So (Boys Get Hurt “Always Summer” Remix)

If Daishi Dance, mflo and 2NE1 officially came together, this is what the love-child might sound like. Thankfully, we have Boys Get Hurt to appease our melodic fantasies. It’s a cool, chill, track that completely changes the way we interpret the original lyrics. Where the original had a gritty hip hop attitude, the remix transforms mflo and CL’s raps into somber tunes.

As it stands there’s plenty of room to ease this song into your sets. Just juxtapose it with other deep house tracks to give it the frame-of-mind it deserves from your listeners.

Boys Get Hurt succeed as sentimental house producers. While we love their non-asian-pop acts, let ’em know you especially appreciate their jpop/kpop remixes. Boys Get Hurt: Soundcloud, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter.

[Violent Green Mash-Up] Rania – Pop Pop Pop

File one in for the “smooth house” category.

Sometimes, when a mash-up is really good, it makes you forget that there was an original to begin with. That’s what Violent Green has done here. The Raina and Nine Muses song blend so perfectly together that it seems the instrumental and accapella were made for each other. It’s hard to imagine otherwise. Nine muses, Who R U? All I hear is this rendition of Rania’s Pop Pop Pop as Violent Green intended.

Follow Violent Green on Twitter: @VioletGreen83


The best part about DJ AMAYA’s current focus in JPOP are his remixes of japanese singles by kpop groups. heh. Scream is the latest to receive the AMAYA treatment, and day-yum do we holla at this one. DJ AMAYA takes this remix in several different different directions with some steady electro, two half-temo breaks and a half-tempo bridge. It’s a GROOVEBOT remix at it’s core, and the eerie synths get us crunk.

The intro and outro of this remix are clean 32 beat kicks, making sharp transitions easy.

Be sure to follow DJ AMAYA on Facebook and Twitter.

Editor’s Note: an earlier version of this post had broken links and a misleading description.

Extend-it: [115 BPM Fm] 현아 & 장현승 (HyunA and Hyunseung) – Troublemaker

It’s a standard. There’s just something so hypnotizing about the melody of this song that it’s become an expected song at any of our kpop gigs. It could be that this song is just another chance for us to obsess over Hyuna’s hyper-sexuality (through which Hyungseung compliments her well), but we like to think this song is good for the song’s sake. Making it easier to drop and mix-in to your sets, we have  for you, most esteemed reader, our extended edit.

115 BPM, Fm; download here

And yes, we do think it sounds like Timberlake & Ciara’s Love, Sex & Magic. This is kpop, did you actually think this was an original production? Jeez.

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