[176 BPM Key of A#m] Nine Muses – Ticket (Trance Blossom Remix)

There’s no doubting that happy hardcore, hardstyle and jcore are the genres for the anime convention circuit. With a BPM range between 160-180 it becomes hard, if not virtually impossible, to insert your kpop gems into the mix. But don’t worry: Trance Bloom‘s got your ticket to ride. The Nine Muses song was already at an uneasy 88/176 BPM, so this hardcore remix comes as a natural fit. Trace Blossom’s remix shifts the key from Fm to A#m.

Some thanks is due to Trance Blossom for catering to us DJs with the two rounds of 32 beats in the extended intro before the verse. Thanks, dude! He’s also quite generous in the outro — giving you plenty of time and space to ease out of the track. Just note the pickup snare at the start of the song that might mess with your count.

You can follow Trance Blossom on his Website, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr.

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