Extend-it: [132 BPM, Key of Fm] Perfume – Spring of Life (Violet Green Edit)

Perfume – the pop idol female trio that prevents Yasutaka Nakata from hopping on the Vocaloid bandwagon. The Spring of Life single released earlier this month, but Violet Green came out with an extended version yesterday that enables its mixability for the rest of us.

Violet Green had this to say on his edit:

I added my own drums, made a new intro with glitched vocals, extended the chorus with a new part and made a new bridge part with glitched vocals.

I was sampling bass lines for the new extended chorus part, not the vocals but it sounds like she is saying ‘Do Your Dance’ which is cool.

It’s an extended 32 + 64 beat intro, which is more than you need. The 32 beat intro nicely leaks in the “spring of life” vocal as you count your beats for the second intro phrase. Because all Yasutaka Nakata remixes are treble heavy, Violet Green evens the EQ with a stronger kick. The glitched vocals toward the end of the edit sound great, so make sure you let the song play to at least that point before bringing in the next one.

Anyway, thanks mang. Everyone once and a while someone steps-up and creates one of these edits for the team, providing a real community service. This is why Spin Kpop exists, so we’re quite pleased to share Violet Green’s edit with all y’alls. Give him your personal thanks on his soundcloud, YouTube, and Twitter.

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