Remix Recap: Wonder Girls – Nobody

Pretend the year is 2009. Kpop started to make the first of a few failed ventured into the US, and the Wonder Girls weren’t targeting just the kids.

We’re launching a new series here at Spin Kpop in order to make this blog a better resource for DJs. We call it “Remix Roundup” where we literally pull all the available quality remixes on the net into bundle posts for each of the charting Kpop singles. To start the series, we’re going with one of the more clichély remixed singles by da wandagals: Nobody. We’ve listed the remixes that have made the cut below. If there is anything you think we should add to this list, feel free to let us know by email or in the comments.

Each of these songs should be in the Key of D#m, but, well.. sometimes things don’t go as planned. Some mashups change the pitch of the accapella to better suit an instrumental.

[132 BPM Key of D#m] (English Version) DJ AMAYA VS GROOVEBOT’s FURY REMIX (extended)

[128 BPM Key of Cm] Freakmix Nobody vs So Hot detroit mashup (extended)

[130 BPM Key of F#] Nobody vs David Guetta (Alikstae Mashup)

[130 BPM Key of D#m] Jason Nevins Remix

[135 BPM Key of … Bm/Em/Fm?!] Jason Nevins Remix (extended version)

[124 BPM Key of D#m] Back to Nobody (Wonder Girls vs Amy Winehouse mas4 mashup)

[80 BPM Key of D#m] Super Nobody (Wonder Girls vs Jewelry mas4 mashup)

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