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[136/68 BPM Key of Em] Wonder Girls – The DJ Is Mine (Afrojack Remix)

As the TheProphetBlog explained, “DJ megastar Afrojack has managed to pull himself away from producing Paris Hilton’s comeback album long enough to drop an official remix of the Wonder Girls‘ Nickelodeon flop ‘The DJ Is Mine.'”

It’s very much a typical afrojack song, which is to say, the accapella and melody constantly fluctuates between two pitches throughout. But hey, it’s a nice half tempo song without the dubstep wobbles. Playing this remix isn’t going to make the DA WANDAGALs’ fan-grr’s happy during a live set, but it does provide some EDM and tempo variety to an already heavily saturated 128-130 BPM trance kpop library.

Download the Afrojack remix of the Wonder Girls’ The DJ Is Mine, here.

K-CON: KPOP DJ CONTEST (yes, it’s for real)

Just when we were thinking of buying our own exhibitor booth at K-Con, the MNET-organized conference drops this little gem on us. As seen, it appears the contest is still in the planning stages. It’s an opportunity not to miss for the bedroom DJs in particular.

We’re especially curious what the format and judging paradigm for this contest will be. Time will tell. Be sure to check the contests page when further details are revealed.

As expected, SpinKpop will continue to feed you with custom edits and remixes to make your own kpop mix entry into the contest.

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Extend-it: [134 BPM Key of Cm] IU – U & I (eHash ReWork)

Though it’s not a song for party-rockers, this 2011 hit still receives requests at mobile gigs and radio play. IU’s U&I could very well be a self-contained movie soundtrack with its mood changes and orchestral strings. To make the moving melody mixable, we’ve added a 32 beat intro before the starting verse. The stronger kick and snare picks up from the start of the edit and carries throughout.

Download the edit here: IU – U & I (eHash ReWork)

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Upcoming: Moar Oppan Gangam Style Content

Full disclosure: most of our recent traffic has for Gangnam Style DJ edits. It seems nearly every kpop outlet is riding on the coattails of Gangnam style wave, and we’re not afraid to admit doing the same.

We’re happy to announce that we’re finalizing a package of Gangnam Style edits and remixes for download in the next couple days to bring extended variety and life to this viral meme. While it may be that PSY’s single is approaching the end of its 15 minutes of fame, we thought we’d provide the resources needed to play the Gangnam Style song in different ways.

Stay tuned. The YouTube teaser featured above is Epitone and Blue Satellite’s joint remix of the song.

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[134 BPM Key of D#m] Nine Muses – News (Jun Areia Remix)

Boom. 95 remixes down and the Areia team has plenty in the works. Jun Areia released this frontrunner of his “7th generation” of remixes which will have “cleaner and smarter sound, unique instruments and sounds.” To us, this prog-house track leans on the trance side with its echo-y vocals, sustained synths and plucked sounds. We love the deep thumping bass which enables danceability. Make sure you’re listening to this track with a good pair of cans or a pair of speakers with the ability to reverberate lower frequencies as its the supporting bass that really carries this track.

The Areia remix is not Dj-friendly so we may end up making our own from his provided instrumental. But unlike last time– we’ll prod Areia a bit for an official DJ edit first. DJ’s take note: this remix has an abrupt ending so be sure you’re ready to make a sharp transition out of this track. Download the remix and the instrumental from his website here.

Being an Areia remix, it naturally comes with an unabridged commentary from the producer. Read Jun Areia’s comments on the mix after the break.  Continue reading

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Listening to Maurice Ravel’s “Bolero” and Gene Kelly’s “Singin in the Rain” in the cinematic intro of the SNSD PV of Paparazzi was an unfair tease. We were half-expecting an epic kpop cover the the western classics, but we know now it was a cheesy effort to appear sophisticated.

In any case, the DJ AMAYA remix of the single produced back in July transforms the pop song into a dancable club hit. Like many of his remixes, his instruments fill the full eq band so be delicate when layering in samples of your own. Also like his other DJ AMAYA tracks, this remix is easy to mix in and out of with a clean 32 + 32 beat intro and outro. The track is available for download in both mp3 and wav on his website.

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It’s good to have choices. Jun Areia released his “house” remix of the Hyuna and Hyunseung classic. If the original is too slow or too soft, and the Epitone remix was too hard, this Areia progressive electro remix straddles the middle ground. The Areia remix #94 comes in at 128 BPM in the key of A#m. It’s not yet dj-friendly.

We’re totally digging the accordion as a replacement to the whistled melody of the original. Check out what he had to say on the release after the jump. Continue reading

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Taking Kpop in Context: Following Hallyu Abroad

Its very easy to loose sight of the complete Kpop package when you’re focused on purely on the music. But let’s be frank here: half of the sell of kpop is the  aesthetic component that goes with it. Would PSY’s Gangnam Style be as viral without its absurd video promotion? How would Sistar 19’s Ma Boy  fare without the raw sex appeal dripping from the choreography? See Brown Eyed Girls’ Abracadabra and Hyuna’s Bubble Pop if you’re looking for additional examples.

Knowing how a kpop song was received, and therefore knowing what the kids will think when they hear the song, will help in controlling the mood of the dancefloor. Looking to make the evening a silly, lighthearted, banger? PSY’s Oppan Gangnam Style is a logical choice because its is impossible to divorce the  horse-jockey dance from the song. If the girls are looking to express their hoochie sexuality via kpop, Sistar 19s Ma Boy is their outlet.

Do yourself a favor as both a Kpop DJ and as a member of the hallyu movement. Watch Inkigayo to hear the crowd and watch the dance. Watch members of 2AM, Sistar and T-ara in Dream High to experience the same sentimentality that your listeners/dancers will have. The great thing about the Hallyu movement is that it transcends geographical borders — so be sure to stay with the wave as it broadcasts on Drama Fever.

Extend-it: [125 BPM Key of Em] Sistar – Alone ( 나 혼자) (Areia Remix – eHash Edit)


We couldn’t wait for an official DJ-edit from Areia. The tricky thing about Areia’s remix is its delicate intro– which gently immerses the listener into the mix with soft synths and whispered words from Hyorin.

The eHash edit allows us DJs to gradually introduce the  song with short kicks, snaps and a light high hat percussion. It’s a clean DJ intro edit if we don’t say so ourselves. Taps on the high hat continues over the rest of the mix.

Download it here: Alone ( 나 혼자) (Areia Remix – eHash Edit) 

Extend-it: [130 BPM Key of Dm] 4Minute – Volume Up (Epitone Remix)

It is a rare opportunity to play a club-banger with a steamy alto sax. 4minute’s volume up was remixed by the dirty dutch remixer, Epitone, a couple months back but we hadn’t had the time to touch it until now. We love his version of the track but it is unfortunately without an dj-intro to make mixing easy.

So we created our own 32 beat edit of the track for Dj’s to drop in clubs. Because we grabbed audio from the outro, there’s a bit of phasing occurring on in this intro edit, but it’s the best we could do without a clean instrumental from Epitone. Epitone, ya listenin’? We like dj-friendly versions of your club edits, so please make them club-friendly for DJs.

Like the original, the PLo ghetto-unmastered edit of the track is up for download at 130 BPM in the key of Dm.

Volume Up [Epitone Club Remix] (PLo Ghetto Edit).mp3

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