Take it from CL: Stage Presence Matters

I’ve always wondered how Steve Aoki was able to magically change songs while crowd surfing. Of course it’s Steve Aoki’s assistant, manning the laptop on stage, who’s doing the actual mixing. Though your mixing may be technically advanced and requires skill, all the audience sees is your button pressing and knob turning.

What CL shows us here is that given a good mix, and her ghost-dj’ed-pre-recorded-mix is good, a stage presence is the other elemented needed to give a good show. Don’t get me wrong: 2012 dj technology does give us a great deal of control over live remixes, and a live set can respond to the changing needs of a live dance floor. But for these grandiose televised concert gigs, where the entire programming for the evening has already been determined, it’s nice to have a fail-safe pre-recorded mix. The 2ne1 blackjacks simply see CL pressing buttons while engaging the crowd, and really, that should be enough.

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