Every couple of years a hilarious internet meme will come along with an amazing soundtrack that adds to its virality. Say what you will about the ridiculousness of PSY’s video, but you know what: PSY gives 0 fucks. His song creates explosions in his wake and his dance lassos-in the likes of Hyuna. We’ll all laugh at this track, but deep down, we secretly know this song is made of pure awesome. This is LMFAO’s Sexy and I know it kpop style.  Maybe the DJ will play the song at the club and we’ll dance pretending that we’re just drunk.

Its our job as DJs to let these kids to dance to what may be 2012’s best. Taking a different path from our past edits, we’ve modified this edit to start with the hook. This was done so the song starts off with the heart of the song without an overly extended buildup. The hook edit is a great tool for quick-mixing through bangers during your peak-hour sets. Our edits here both have two 32 empty beats at the intro and outro for beatmatching and phrasing.

Seeing as the intro hook gave the song an entire extra chorus which may make the song a little long, our other edit is a short edit for easy quick mixing. The short edit abridges the song to merely repeat the chorus twice before moving on to the outro.

132 BPM in the Key of Bm. Kudos to A-Dream for providing the instrumental that made this edit possible.

For a complete collection of Gangnam Style edits and mashups, see our remix recap of this single here.

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5 thoughts on “EXTEND-IT: [132 BPM, KEY OF BM] PSY – GANGNAM STYLE (PLo Hook First Intro)


    • Dj PeterLo says:

      Ooop- op – op oppan gangnam style..!

      • Nash says:

        I definitely hear you on the foegirner relationships aspects as much as I might look Korean, or sound Korean, or want to BE Korean .(not really..haha), it’s really important to remember where I come from. OMG .hello baby ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ XDD. That was so funny. I re-watched it like twenty times after it aired, especially the episode where they had to memorize the song before breakfast!!!! hahaha.p.s. i saw cory on her way out to gangnam tonight. i liked what she was wearing XDD

  2. […] mashups, edits and remixes has been in the works for some time. Drawing off the popularity of our two former Gangnam Style Edits, we’ve seen the community need for a larger selection of Gangnam Style content. Now serving […]

    • Boretti says:

      actually, it is allowed- but the group has to be lisetd under the adult category- discussions or depictions of bestiality, incest, excretory acts, or child pornography may be inappropriate if placed in a sexual or otherwise exploitative context. adult groups are just what it says- adult content.

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