Taking Kpop in Context: Following Hallyu Abroad

Its very easy to loose sight of the complete Kpop package when you’re focused on purely on the music. But let’s be frank here: half of the sell of kpop is the  aesthetic component that goes with it. Would PSY’s Gangnam Style be as viral without its absurd video promotion? How would Sistar 19’s Ma Boy  fare without the raw sex appeal dripping from the choreography? See Brown Eyed Girls’ Abracadabra and Hyuna’s Bubble Pop if you’re looking for additional examples.

Knowing how a kpop song was received, and therefore knowing what the kids will think when they hear the song, will help in controlling the mood of the dancefloor. Looking to make the evening a silly, lighthearted, banger? PSY’s Oppan Gangnam Style is a logical choice because its is impossible to divorce the  horse-jockey dance from the song. If the girls are looking to express their hoochie sexuality via kpop, Sistar 19s Ma Boy is their outlet.

Do yourself a favor as both a Kpop DJ and as a member of the hallyu movement. Watch Inkigayo to hear the crowd and watch the dance. Watch members of 2AM, Sistar and T-ara in Dream High to experience the same sentimentality that your listeners/dancers will have. The great thing about the Hallyu movement is that it transcends geographical borders — so be sure to stay with the wave as it broadcasts on Drama Fever.

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