[134 BPM Key of D#m] Nine Muses – News (Jun Areia Remix)

Boom. 95 remixes down and the Areia team has plenty in the works. Jun Areia released this frontrunner of his “7th generation” of remixes which will have “cleaner and smarter sound, unique instruments and sounds.” To us, this prog-house track leans on the trance side with its echo-y vocals, sustained synths and plucked sounds. We love the deep thumping bass which enables danceability. Make sure you’re listening to this track with a good pair of cans or a pair of speakers with the ability to reverberate lower frequencies as its the supporting bass that really carries this track.

The Areia remix is not Dj-friendly so we may end up making our own from his provided instrumental. But unlike last time– we’ll prod Areia a bit for an official DJ edit first. DJ’s take note: this remix has an abrupt ending so be sure you’re ready to make a sharp transition out of this track. Download the remix and the instrumental from his website here.

Being an Areia remix, it naturally comes with an unabridged commentary from the producer. Read Jun Areia’s comments on the mix after the break. 

Welcome to areia remix 7th generation! With your support we have together reached 95(!) remixes. 95 full scale song projects, with each melody composed passionately, with each sound programmed precisely, with each buildup arranged patiently and each mix engineered with full motivation. It’s all because you gave me the power to believe in this dream and continue.

Each generation is a new lesson. It happens when there was a great step in understanding. This time it was my work with Trophy Ent. for Andamiro that gave me a push which I would never take by siting here and releasing 100s of remixes. Except the intense competition pushing me to work harder, research more and achieve new standards, the fact that I was working for that kind of level allowed me to gain a more clear perspective about many matters with the most important the understanding of what people like and why. I will admit that in the last 2 generations in some cases I took some dangerous steps towards EDM isolation. Super intense and harsh sounds to satisfy that momentary emotions. Then after a day or two from release I can barely listen to that remix because I’m not of the age to be in club mode all the time. I need quality over power. Brilliance over distortion. In addition I need uniqueness. Ever song has to be unique. Introduce something nice. A new element.

At this point I would like to announce that my version of Andamiro’s new title song will make it on the final CD as a secondary version. It was a month’s hard work and I am really happy to have my first official kpop remix. Everybody has to start from somewhere and I guess this is where I start from. During this month we have recorded two of my songs with Andamiro but they didn’t make it on this single due to time restrictions as they need a lot of work. Nevertheless the experience was great and gives a lot of motivation to write new songs.

What to expect this generation? Cleaner and smarter sound, unique instruments and sounds and most importantly official remixes. I’m thinking about keeping the first official remix (CHI CHI – Love is Energy) for release #100 but it has already been a while and even the girls themselves have been waiting for it so I guess I will try my best 🙂

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