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[125 BPM KEY OF EM] Sistar – Alone (AREIA REMIX)

We needed a remix of this track. Up to this point the Kpop community was without a solid remix of the Sistar single. Areia delivers with his expected palette of beautifully mastered sounds and instruments. We love the sustained synths, especially the way they’re introduced at the start of the song. Throughout the remix the ambient chords add complexity without cluttering the mix. The vocals also cut through the heavy bass nicely.

Areia has not yet posted a DJ-edit of the remix, but given his history of providing DJ edits over the past few remixes a DJ version of this sistar single anticipated to post soon. If not, we may be forced to make an edit from his instrumental. Really, though, it’s best if Areia creates this himself as we can’t quite master tracks as well him.

Download and listen to the Areia Remix #093 here.

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KCON 2012 — First Stateside K-pop Convention with Celebrity Appearances

How many variations on the word “kpop” can you have before you start to overlap with other Kpop fandom organizations? KCON (presumably pronounced Kay-Con) added itself to the K-fan list with its convention announcement today. Organized and produced by Mnet, its a “hallyu” convention at the Verizon Amphitheater in LA featuring Kpop, Kdrama, celebrity panels, autograph sessions, contests, fan workshops and a concert.

A concert in itself would be enough to attract the legions of fans across the country — adding a convention to the mix will likely guarantee a max capacity setting. There have been other fan-created kpop conventions across the states,  we participated at Kpop Con ourselves, though the Mnet-led convention will be the first of its kind to have any sort of real celebrity presence.

DJs of Spin Kpop, are you spinning at this convention? Let us know so we can give you hype!

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Every couple of years a hilarious internet meme will come along with an amazing soundtrack that adds to its virality. Say what you will about the ridiculousness of PSY’s video, but you know what: PSY gives 0 fucks. His song creates explosions in his wake and his dance lassos-in the likes of Hyuna. We’ll all laugh at this track, but deep down, we secretly know this song is made of pure awesome. This is LMFAO’s Sexy and I know it kpop style.  Maybe the DJ will play the song at the club and we’ll dance pretending that we’re just drunk.

Its our job as DJs to let these kids to dance to what may be 2012’s best. Continue reading

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Take it from CL: Stage Presence Matters

I’ve always wondered how Steve Aoki was able to magically change songs while crowd surfing. Of course it’s Steve Aoki’s assistant, manning the laptop on stage, who’s doing the actual mixing. Though your mixing may be technically advanced and requires skill, all the audience sees is your button pressing and knob turning.

What CL shows us here is that given a good mix, and her ghost-dj’ed-pre-recorded-mix is good, a stage presence is the other elemented needed to give a good show. Don’t get me wrong: 2012 dj technology does give us a great deal of control over live remixes, and a live set can respond to the changing needs of a live dance floor. But for these grandiose televised concert gigs, where the entire programming for the evening has already been determined, it’s nice to have a fail-safe pre-recorded mix. The 2ne1 blackjacks simply see CL pressing buttons while engaging the crowd, and really, that should be enough.

We’re not dead yet

Yes, it’s been some time since we’ve updated. Lets say we just went on a bit of a summer break. In any case, we’re back and we’ll try to maintain a 3 post qutoa per week. As we spin up the turntables, let us know if there are any content directions you’d like to see this resource hub take by leaving us a comment.