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KCON DJ Contest: Now Open

We’ve previously blogged that this event was happening, but we were unsure of the details.

KCon recently updated its DJ Contest announcement and opened the contest up for submissions. The deadline is quite soon — this Monday, October 1st 5pm PST.  With a limited window to submit we’re still trying to understand the full details of the contest. Peter sent a few questions in, as well as his own entry, though we have yet to hear back from the organizers of this event.

From what it sounds, and all available details are seen in the posted screen shot above, the contest will involve the following:

  • “Tracks” by contestants are emailed to by Monday, October 1st at 5PM PST
    • KCON is “challenging” contestants to use music from any of the attending artists of the conference, including: B.A.P., VIXX, EXO-M, 4Minute, Nu’est, G.NA and Danny Im
  • Publication of “videos” will be placed on the KCON’s SoundCloud
  • Sounds on the KCON SoundCloud will be voted on by anyone and everyone
  • A winner (with the most soundcloud votes?) will then perform on stage and in-front of a large audience and guest DJ alongside Far East Movement producer, Peter Rocks

In case it wasn’t already acutely evident to the DJ community, the only thing that matters more than skill is a DJ’s ability to promote. If you want a shot at this gig be sure to get all your fans and friends to cast their ballots for your soundcloud entry.


Remember that time when we said Trance Blossom and DJ AMAYA were probably working on something together?  Right. It happened. This remix is the love child of their intercourse. It’s got TB kicks and AMAYA snares; and the synths have mixed instrumentality stemming from the two producers.

Up until now, the Kpop community had not yet been given a solid remix of KARA’s chart-buster. Staying true to the song’s name, this remix of Pandora is a gift to the DJ community. As we also commented earlier, separately, the two producers have great structure to their remixes that enable easy mixability. The same quality exists with this combined production. Being DJs themselves, this remix comes with a nice intro and outro. Continue reading

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[128 BPM Key of Dm] Psy – Gangnam Style (KATFYR, Blue Satellite, Epitone Remix)

Holy shit.

Did you just listen to that remix? It’s a three-way collaboration and it certainly sounds like one.  The mix is a blend between two of our favorites, Blue Satellite and Epitone, and one new celebrity producer we’re just now placing on the kpop radar — KATFYR. If you’re familiar with each of these producers’ work you can hear the sounds the structure each contributes to the mix; and it’s a harmonious blend at that. More comments after the jump. Continue reading

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[129 BPM Key of Bm] SNSD – Paparazzi (Trance Blossom Remastered Club Mix)

Trance Blossom recently remastered his remix of SNSD’s Paparazzi. It’s very heavy in the sense that it fills all three EQ bands– but that shouldn’t discourage you from inserting this remix into your sets. He’s provided a “Club” version with a Dj-friendly intro and outro that gradually let the synths and mid/high frequencies in.

With this latest remix we now feel like Trance Blossom has elevated himself to the higher tier of remixers/producers who we’ll regularly cover on this blog. Though there may be an abundance of Kpop remixers, we like to think that we only select the best to be featured on Spin Kpop. We’re happy to say that Trance Blossom is now pre-approved for the cut.

There’s something about the harmony/chord progression to this remix that it really reminds us of DJ AMAYA’s work. We like the way both of these producers structure their remixes, so we’re excited to follow and hear more from the two. If we were to abstractly describe DJ AMAYA remixes as “crunchy,” Trance Blossom would surely be characterized as “smooth.” The word through the grapevine is that Trance Blossom and DJ AMAYA have collaborations planned in the future, so we anticipate their results.

Trance Blossom’s instrumental and other variations of the Paparazzi remix are available on his website in .WAV format. In case you wanted to save some space on your Dj rig, we’ve compressed his club .wav remix to be in 320kbps mp3 for download here.

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Pulselocker – Cloud Computing for DJs

The service is still in closed beta – but from what we hear, it’ll be a way for Traktor and Serato DJs to play music stored on the cloud. Instead of bringing your large external harddrive to your next gig, users can access and mix from an expansive music collection from an off-site data center. There will likely be subscription fees for the service like any DJ  pool.

We’re still waiting on the details of the service but it does sound intriguing. We doubt Kpop will be in the initial collection as it seems labels are still working through partnerships with the service. Even less likely to exist are DJ-tailored edits — but we shall see. Hopefully some form of music caching will be available for those unable to access the internets in mobile and club gigs. Continue reading

[128 BPM Key of Cm] 2NE1 – I Love You (Epitone Remix) Club Vers. Extended.

Following the feeling of the original, Eptione created his own remix with prog house synths and highly reverberated chords. It wouldn’t be an Epitone remix without its own dirty dutch instrumental break midway through — which we totally dig. Though Epitone posted this a while back, we hadn’t noticed his extended edit until now.

For some reason, we missed this one. We even started on our own edit of the Epitone Remix because we thought he wasn’t making a version for the DJ crowd. In any case, it’s here. He leads into the intro verse very gently so make sure your previous track isn’t too hard hitting before jumping into this one.

Having mixed with the non-extended version of this track before, we also found that using Epitone’s instrumental (starting at 1:45 in this club version) is a great way to mix in from a previous track that may have been bass heavy. Continue reading

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Doing our Part: Evangelizing Kpop; Wonder Girls on Clear Channel

Provided by: Sara Kauss/Getty images for iHeartRadio

As a DJ, it’s your job to play what people want to hear. Many times what they want to hear are reverberated singles that may already be over played on the local FM station. But it’s also your job as a DJ to play what people do not yet know what they want to hear. It’s in this way that we expose listeners to new songs or songs that have not yet been heard enough.

For our conventional gigs, it’s a difficult line to play what is already on mainstream and what is not yet on the charts. Clear Channel/iHeartRadio have made the job easier for us by coming half way.

Continue reading

Carpe Diem! YOLO for Kpop DJs

When audiences cannot distinguish the difference between a DJ and a producer, what do you demonstrate what it means to be a DJ? As shown in the featured video above, DJ Froto makes a balls to the wall effort to try something different from playlisting. Screw it, so what if he effs up? He takes his chances here to deliver some entertaining A vs B play — something that all DJs should offer beyond live beatmatching. The best part? He does it with one hand so he can film his encounter for “POV awesomeness!”

Whoah whoah whoah! Watch me DJ with ONE HAND (most of the routine at least) in my *NEW* G-Dragon – One of a Kind Live Remix!!! I mashed it up with Big Sean’s Dance (A$$) instrumental while filming everything with my left hand – giving you that POV awesomeness! Check it out you carpe diems!!!

Can we please learn something from DJ Froto here? Take chances! Have the balls to offer more than just a list of planned songs and really DJ.

Record what you do and learn from your mistakes. Post your own gusty moves in the comments below.

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In case you were out of the loop, Gangnam Style has become something of a viral international phenomenon. Transcending borders, this kpop hit has begun to see air-play on California mainstream radiostations. The hit has become so popular that it has even surpassed SNSD’s “Gee,” the national anthem for kpop, in YouTube views. What does this say about the future kpop?

Whether or not this is a passing trend, we here at Spin Kpop want to keep you DJ’s well-equipped to weather the Gangnam storm. The following collection of Gangnam Style mashups, edits and remixes has been in the works for some time. Drawing off the popularity of our two former Gangnam Style Edits, we’ve seen the community-need for a larger selection of Gangnam Style content. Now serving as the definitive hub for quality variations on the Gangnam Style single for DJs, we’ll update this post as new releases are made by the community. Check out our compilation after the break.

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[128 BPM Key of Gmaj] BIG BANG (빅뱅) – Blue (Epitone Remix vs eHash ReWork)

Songs in major keys are rare. A few months ago Epitone released his orchestral remix of Big Bang’s “Blue.” Because it’s so rare to have a song in a major key we wanted to make sure DJ’s could add this number to their sets. A sentimental single with strings in a major key makes this remix a nice note to close a set on, but we provide both an intro and outro in case you’d like to keep the gig going. The song carries a stronger kick throughout should the dancers need a beat to move to.


Download our Epitone Edit here.

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