In case you were out of the loop, Gangnam Style has become something of a viral international phenomenon. Transcending borders, this kpop hit has begun to see air-play on California mainstream radiostations. The hit has become so popular that it has even surpassed SNSD’s “Gee,” the national anthem for kpop, in YouTube views. What does this say about the future kpop?

Whether or not this is a passing trend, we here at Spin Kpop want to keep you DJ’s well-equipped to weather the Gangnam storm. The following collection of Gangnam Style mashups, edits and remixes has been in the works for some time. Drawing off the popularity of our two former Gangnam Style Edits, we’ve seen the community-need for a larger selection of Gangnam Style content. Now serving as the definitive hub for quality variations on the Gangnam Style single for DJs, we’ll update this post as new releases are made by the community. Check out our compilation after the break.

Last  update: 9/3/12 1:58 AM PST
  • Place holder for Epitone & Blue Satellite’s remix

Lastly, we leave you with our favorite Gangnam Style mashup. It’s a production from the freakmix team that allows you to play Gangnam Style for slow dances. Who says IU’s the only one allowed to have dramatic ballads?

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3 thoughts on “Remix Recap: PSY – OPPAN GANGAM STYLE

  1. Last link ([124 BPM Key of F#] 강남 미아) is the same for “I Hate Gangnam Style.” I’d very much like to hear a Gangnam Ballad. 😀

  2. […] a complete collection of Gangnam Style edits and mashups, see our remix recap of this single here. Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this. Tagged Gangnam Style, Oppan […]

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