Carpe Diem! YOLO for Kpop DJs

When audiences cannot distinguish the difference between a DJ and a producer, what do you demonstrate what it means to be a DJ? As shown in the featured video above, DJ Froto makes a balls to the wall effort to try something different from playlisting. Screw it, so what if he effs up? He takes his chances here to deliver some entertaining A vs B play — something that all DJs should offer beyond live beatmatching. The best part? He does it with one hand so he can film his encounter for “POV awesomeness!”

Whoah whoah whoah! Watch me DJ with ONE HAND (most of the routine at least) in my *NEW* G-Dragon – One of a Kind Live Remix!!! I mashed it up with Big Sean’s Dance (A$$) instrumental while filming everything with my left hand – giving you that POV awesomeness! Check it out you carpe diems!!!

Can we please learn something from DJ Froto here? Take chances! Have the balls to offer more than just a list of planned songs and really DJ.

Record what you do and learn from your mistakes. Post your own gusty moves in the comments below.

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