Pulselocker – Cloud Computing for DJs

The service is still in closed beta – but from what we hear, it’ll be a way for Traktor and Serato DJs to play music stored on the cloud. Instead of bringing your large external harddrive to your next gig, users can access and mix from an expansive music collection from an off-site data center. There will likely be subscription fees for the service like any DJ  pool.

We’re still waiting on the details of the service but it does sound intriguing. We doubt Kpop will be in the initial collection as it seems labels are still working through partnerships with the service. Even less likely to exist are DJ-tailored edits — but we shall see. Hopefully some form of music caching will be available for those unable to access the internets in mobile and club gigs.

dj millions of tracks
without buying millions of tracks.

Pulselocker: the world’s first and only music subscription service that lets you play an endless crate of music, with your favorite mixing app, online or off.

Enjoy unlimited access to a vast collection of tracks — including House, Techno, Hip-Hop, Dubstep, Indie/Alternative, Rare Grooves, Jazz and Reggae.

This is going to change DJing forever.

patents pending. 

Stay tuned and sign up to join the beta here.

2 thoughts on “Pulselocker – Cloud Computing for DJs

  1. Fred Han says:

    Hey guys,

    Thanks for the write up! Once our website is up, we’ll be able to share much more about the product, but what I can say is that the rumors mentioned above aren’t totally in line with what we are offering. As a longtime DJ, I can say that Pulselocker will offer DJs a totally new listening, playing and buying experience.

    If you’ve ever been frustrated by the user experience of traditional online music retailers, you’ll really enjoy Pulselocker.

    Stay tuned!


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