KCON DJ Contest: Now Open

We’ve previously blogged that this event was happening, but we were unsure of the details.

KCon recently updated its DJ Contest announcement and opened the contest up for submissions. The deadline is quite soon — this Monday, October 1st 5pm PST.  With a limited window to submit we’re still trying to understand the full details of the contest. Peter sent a few questions in, as well as his own entry, though we have yet to hear back from the organizers of this event.

From what it sounds, and all available details are seen in the posted screen shot above, the contest will involve the following:

  • “Tracks” by contestants are emailed to djcontest@kconusa.com by Monday, October 1st at 5PM PST
    • KCON is “challenging” contestants to use music from any of the attending artists of the conference, including: B.A.P., VIXX, EXO-M, 4Minute, Nu’est, G.NA and Danny Im
  • Publication of “videos” will be placed on the KCON’s SoundCloud
  • Sounds on the KCON SoundCloud will be voted on by anyone and everyone
  • A winner (with the most soundcloud votes?) will then perform on stage and in-front of a large audience and guest DJ alongside Far East Movement producer, Peter Rocks

In case it wasn’t already acutely evident to the DJ community, the only thing that matters more than skill is a DJ’s ability to promote. If you want a shot at this gig be sure to get all your fans and friends to cast their ballots for your soundcloud entry.

One thought on “KCON DJ Contest: Now Open

  1. Aline says:

    First of all thanks to Idle Warship for your coice to have us on the TOP 5!Thanks to eoyvebrdy whob4d voted so far for us. BIG UPS to the other producers here.For info about London Nebel join us on Facebook and catch us at our next dj-performance: cheers!

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