[131 BPM, Key of D#m] Adamiro – Hypnotize (Areia Balkan ver.)

We really hope this isn’t Jun Areia’s last hurrah. If you haven’t been following him closely, he’s been going through hard times funding his music career. Despite this, Jun has partnered with Adamiro’s agency to produce an official remix.

This remix of his is kind of a big deal. Blending Jun’s Greek roots with Korean pop, Jun’s collaboration with Trophy Entertainment is a signature production that concisely captures Jun’s identity as a remixer. It is our opinion that if one were to select a single song to represent Jun Areia as a remixer, this song would be the best choice. Like any Balkan classic it’s feasible to imagine airy guitars and a romantic blues/rock rhythm dubbed over the mix. Areia Creations to us is reggaeton, trance and kpop blended together; and this song easily exemplifies that identity.

Watching Adamiro on Inkigayo was surreal. It felt like a sort of validation for the kpop remixer community that we regularly blog about and cover here. Perhaps more interesting was watching Areia’s filmed production with the Trophy Entertainment team. As the in-house vid will show, Areia was gifted his own unique bridge for his remix:

We dig this song. The chorus is hypnotic (sorry, we had to go there) and stays in the listener’s head well after hearing the song. We encourage you to support the single by purchasing the album.

Buy link:

2 thoughts on “[131 BPM, Key of D#m] Adamiro – Hypnotize (Areia Balkan ver.)

  1. Sandy says:

    BEG THE BAND FOR THE FULL VERSION!! Their name is Open Sky. comment on their ytouube page that you? want the rest!! thumbs up so everyone will beg the band!!

  2. Huyen says:

    I like Oh! I think it\’s really fun and chtacy, but could probably be toned down maybe just a pitch. If it wasn\’t so high, I think I\’d like it a little bit more. But the dance is fun and cute and so\’s the music.

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