Wonder Girls Like Money – Indaba Music Remix Contest

Indaba Music has begun a remix contest of the Wonder Girls’ Like Money single. Submissions for the contest, so far, have been fairly mediocre. Still, it provides the variety-seeking-DJ with a range of remix options for da wandagal’s song. Search through the  submissions on the contest page.

We’d like to endorse Epitone’s remix of Like Money which currently sits at rank #20 on the contest charts. Please feed him your votes to outrank the amateurs currently sitting in the top 10.

As the contest notes, stems are available for purchase for your own musical permutations if the mix.

K-Pop has finally arrived. The club energy that has been electrifying the eastern hemisphere has permeated the current consciousness of American culture. As if to punctuate the point, Wonder Girls, one of the premier K-Pop outfits, have broken into a wider audience with their new single “Like Money”.

Now Wonder Girls and Indaba Music want you to take this tune from the stratosphere to the ionosphere. We’re looking for the hottest Club or Hip-Hop remixes your musical minds can create.

Enter the contest to download the stems and get started.

One thought on “Wonder Girls Like Money – Indaba Music Remix Contest

  1. Alexia says:

    Personally I’m with you, but value, and how much of it you decide to place on vaiorus things, is highly subjective and something I butt heads with people on all the time (especially with clients in regards to creative freedom, what I believe is best for them and what I feel I deserve to be paid).

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