[140 BPM, KEY OF EM] G-Dragon – Crayon (Epitone Trap Remix)


Get your trap on.
Meori eokkae mureup bal. Swag check swag check.

Before leaving to complete his own EP, Epitone left us with this K-trap gem. The Crayon remix is great for sets already jamming to the 70/140 trap genre, but we’ve personally dropped this track at anime and kpop gigs where top 40s were the hit. What we found was that the kids will fan-chant and sway to this hit. It’s a track nicely juxtaposed with Jun Areia’s PSY Gentleman mix for those who like to keep things twerk.

What we like about the mastering of the remix is the powerful bass which hits at 1:20. Boom. Maybe the original already had elements of trap in it, but the Epitone remix just underscores this element for club drops. You listening, kpop remixers? This is how bass-mastering should sound.

We’re currently awaiting Epitone’s return to the Kpop scene, but from following his facebook we can tell he’s already doing well as a DJ for the EDM crowd.

This cosplay-kid from kpopcon 2013 knows what's up.

This cosplay-kid from kpopcon 2013 knows what’s up.

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