[130 BPM, Key of Am] CL – The Baddest Female’s Old Skool (DJ Huygens Mashup)

CL GrillThe french mashup artist Huygens knows how to play with sampling to create a fluid mix. This Televisor instrumental with CL’s Baddest female acca has us thinking of CL’s song in a very different way – as all mashups should. As blackjacks we’ll admit it: the original was never really gangster –  the CL single was too poppy to drop in a trap/hip hop set. This Huygens track lets us check the CL song off of the request list for the kids who ask for it – and lets us keep our electro-disco house set going. 

What Huygens knows how to do well is provide layering between the CL and Televisor accapella. We like the A v B play at :50 & 2:16. Amateur mashup-er’s take note: Huygens also knows to repeat the CL chorus for an extra loop to keep with the flow of the instrumental.

Overall the mix is smooth but as this original track stands it’s not the easiest for live mixing. If you guys want an extended version of this just let us know and we’ll work on it.

On a side note, if you’re wondering: “geez, yet another YG mashup single” it’s because the stems and resources for YG songs are available. Something that other labels haven’t yet caught on to. Poppa YG knows what’s up. Until other labels catch on, we’ll continue to see 60% YG remixes and mashups on this blog.

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