[145 BPM, Key of Gm] G-Dragon – One of a Kind (HVNS TRAP REMIX)

HVNS One of a Kind Artwork

HVNS is just twenty-effing-two years old but he’s already producing high quality trap/dubstep/jpop music under CLUBSODA. If you haven’t watched or heard of CLUBSODA (not to be confused with the drink), it’s a dynamic-duo between HVNS and his pop star vocalist MOTSU. HVNS also produced a sort of web documentary that you should all catch on the CLUBSODA YouTube. As we watch the production value of the video and music, we’re amazed at how young these gifted producers come these days. It may be that as music production becomes increasingly digital, the barriers to entry diminish.

In any case, HVNS created a stunning trap remix of G-Dragon’s one of a kind a few months ago that we had to highlight. It’s DJ-friendly for your trap break or set. We have to concur with DJ AMAYA’s remark on the mix:

Amaya HVNS Comment

The mix is worth taking a careful listen to take-in the subtle sounds thrown into it. The vocal splicing is great and goes with the trap genre well. The song is available for listening and download over soundcloud. Catch it below, and be sure to follow HVNS.



CLUBSODA Youtube channel:

CLUBSODA Facebook:

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