Producer Spotlight: i5cream

This remix is created for fun only.

Wub wub. There’s something playful behind i5cream’s sounds that we can’t ignore. Maybe it’s his online persona that influences our reception of his work. In either case, The SONE-producer is a remixer we’d like to highlight for his quirky wobbles and consistently solid kpop productions.

i5scream, pronounced “eye-scream,” is part of the 2nd or 3rd generation of Kpop remixers to hit the web. The producer became a SONE in 2008, and at the inspiration of Robotaki, began his own kpop remixes. While the legendary Robotaki has moved on to other non-kpop music, it’s fantastic to see his influence creating the current generation of Kpop remixers.

You know i5cream is legit because he’s signed to the Areia Creations label.  It’s easy to forget that there are several producers working with Areia Creations, so its possible you may have already heard i5cream’s remix of Crayon Pop’s “Bar Bar Bar.”

The above song is a great single to spin for this year’s anime convention circuit. The hit comes in at electro-trance friendly 134 BPM, but what we mostly find i5cream producing are dubstep remixes. It may be that dubstep is already on its way out of the mainstream EDM crowd, but i5cream’s tasty creations are worth adding for variety in your set. Be sure to follow i5cream on all the channels: tumblr, YouTube, Twitter, SoundCloud and G+.


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