3 Kpop Remixes That Need To Happen

CL Crotch Grab

Okay. We like to think that we’re patient as DJs and Kpop enthusiasts. But, ‘yo, real talk: we need our kpop remixes. Kpop remixers, we know you’re listening and reading this so consider this our formal plea for three kpop remixes that need to happen.

1) 2NE1’s “Do You Love Me.”

Earlier this year we made an extended dj cut of the track to scrape by for our own gigs, but it’s not a preferred method. But for chrissake, look at the music video. It’s an hipster urban outfitter dream complete with instagram filters, harsh lighting, iphone videos and kids partying a little too hard. This song deserves a raging EDM mix. Can’t you do it for the kids…?!

2) TroubleMaker’s “Now”

The original just isn’t a club banger. And this song should be one. Troublemaker is just one of those things you have to play to let the adolescent kpop boys & girls explore their sexuality. :3 Epitone’s original Troublemaker was hella fun to drop for those gigs where you had to appeal to both kpoppers and people who just like to “rave.” Not that it needs to be dirty dutch, but we need another Epitone Remix for this hit.

So we can go proceed with promoting images of addictive substance abuse fueled by implied drugs, Heineken and Budweiser  for our adolescents. You know, for the kids. For the kids…!

3) Martin Garrix’s “Animals.” Wait, wat? 

Okay, this last one isn’t quite a request for a remix. Martin Garrix’s “Animals” just a really fun, perhaps over played, electro banger to drop. DJ Gsweet, we’re looking at you dude. An epic kpop mashup with this song would be aaa-maaaaa-zzzzinng.         For the kids!

But seriously, gaise, let’s make this happen. You kpop producers are depriving the world from epic kpop parties by NOT producing this hits.

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