[84 BPM, Key of C#M] DJ G Sweet Mashup: Chicken Huntin / Shy Boy

Shy Boy Chicken Huntin

Sometimes it’s two songs that DO NOT belong together that make a really cool mashup. Maybe it’s just that DJ G Sweet has a twisted sense of dichotomy, but we’re really enjoying his Mashup between sweet and innocent Secret and 90’s thuggish Insane Clown Posse.

The best part about all of this is that it totally works. The sped-up grunge rap manages to match the instrumental swing of Secret’s “Shy Boy.” DJ G Sweet as at least nice enough to play the censored version of the ICP accapella over

To give you a sense of how opposite the two songs are, we’ve shared the music videos to the two respective original tracks below.

Not sure if this will be making any DJ sets, but the hilarity of this mix was too good for us not to share. What do you think of the mix?

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