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K-Area Episode .. 2? July 24, 2016

Windy Day

Truth be told: we’re still determining a viable format for the K-Area live show and podcast. Bringing a female perspective, our friend Joyce joined on this latest episode. While this is still an experiment in process, we may steer more toward the direction of the cheesy morning show format: with very light commentary on trending kpop news and reviews.

Though we’ll likely change the format as we progress, we like the pithy-short new music review for our show and will likely keep these moving forward. Continuing this review process,  this week we took a look at function of x’s “All of Mine.” Our overall scores for the trance-anthem came to the following:

  • Soupermatic: 4
  • Joyce: 3.5
  • DJPeterLo: 3.9

While plenty could be said each episode on the new hits of the week, we’ve introduced a new “second look” section for older songs that warrant a re-listen. We’re planing to use this segment in the event we change our mind on previous reviews, or discover something that may not have made the hype it deserved at the time of release.

In any event, please let us know what you think of the podcast. We’re very open to your feedback on what you like of dislike.

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The computer recording Episode 1 crashed.. A second take


After broadcasting a fun, 3-hour show featuring an interview with the Stanford kpop dance team, XTRM, we discover that the computer recording our show has crashed. (Although part of the program was recorded though a Facebook livestream.) Looking to make up for this episode for our podcast listeners, Soupermatic and I decided to try for a second take – but on live on BigBRadio. In this episode, we recap how we each got into Kpop, GFriend’s Navillera, a recent kpop competition, as well as other miscellaneous kpop news.

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K-Area Pilot Episode – July 10, 2016

intro poll

In a change for this Spin Kpop website, we’ll be hosting a recurring podcast aired live on the Bay Area’s KZSU 90.1 f.m. The upcoming #KArea (pronounced kay-area) show will discuss trending kpop news and events in a short format, interrupted by live-mixing kpop breaks. The show will provide a particular focus on Bay Area #kpop news and events.

To subscribe to the podcast, paste the following URL/XML into your preferred Podcast-listener-platform:

In this intro/test-run episode, we discuss recent comebacks from EXO, Wonder Girls, Sistar and Taeyeon. Live mixing is introduced based on listener requests.