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Getting Lifted with CL | Big Win on EXO’s Lotto | Quiz: Do You Know Kpop? | Kpopularity

CL Lifted

Most Koreans never leave Flushing so maybe the uproar around CL’s alleged appropriation is fair. No one drinks a forty willingly; yet here CL is slinging a chorus about how great it is.

For this episode we review CL’s “Lifted” and EXO’s “Lotto” for Daebak or Not, discuss the Tiffany controversy and introduce two new quiz sections: “Do you Know Kpop” and “Kpopularity.” As we continue to explain in our show: we’re still experimenting on a winning format and feel like we’re getting closer to a set of recurring segments that we like.

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Daebak or Not? Blackpink’s “Whistle,” “Boombayah” & I.O.I’s “Whatta Man”

BlackPinkIn this episode, Nurse Joyce, @Soupermatic and @DJPeterLo put three songs to the Daebak or Not test: BlackPink’s “Whistle” & “Boombayah,” and I.O.I’s “Whatta Man.”

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HyunA asks “How’s This?” while we play ASTRO’s “Hide & Seek” | Coconut-PolarBear MegaMashup

How's This

We continue to play with and edit the K-Area show format, but we’re liking the “Daebak or Not” review process that we’ve introduced. Keeping with this method, we review HyunA’s “How’s This” which received two Daebaks with one Not. Revisiting Astro’s “Hide and Seek,” @Soupermatic tells us why the single is worth a second look to mixed reactions from Nurse Joyce and @DJPeterLo.

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Fei’s Fantasy & Ga In’s Fxxk U


We were out of the station for our previous episode so we took a quick set to record a show out of my lovely apartment for BigBRadio. Which means: we were forced to share microphones and use headphones as one of the mics. Not a long term solution, to be sure, and we’re looking at other ways to record audio in the future.

Listen to our episode on here.

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