Fei’s Fantasy & Ga In’s Fxxk U


We were out of the station for our previous episode so we took a quick set to record a show out of my lovely apartment for BigBRadio. Which means: we were forced to share microphones and use headphones as one of the mics. Not a long term solution, to be sure, and we’re looking at other ways to record audio in the future.

Listen to our episode on here.

Altering our review process, we’re now giving each song review an overall rating: Daebak or Not. Looking at Fei’s Fantasy, we gave her the following marks.

  • Audio
    • @Soupermatic: 3
    • Nurse Joyce: 3
    • DJ PeterLo: 3.9
  • Concept:
    • @Soupermatic: 3
    • Nurse Joyce: 1
    • DJ PeterLo: 2
  • Daebak?
    • @Soupermatic: Not
    • Nurse Joyce: Not
    • DJ PeterLo: Daebak!

For our second look, we gave GaIn’s Fxxk U a deeper analysis than what was probably warranted.

As always, feel free to tweet us your thoughts on what you disagree with or what you’d like to hear more of. #KArea


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