Getting Lifted with CL | Big Win on EXO’s Lotto | Quiz: Do You Know Kpop? | Kpopularity

CL Lifted

Most Koreans never leave Flushing so maybe the uproar around CL’s alleged appropriation is fair. No one drinks a forty willingly; yet here CL is slinging a chorus about how great it is.

For this episode we review CL’s “Lifted” and EXO’s “Lotto” for Daebak or Not, discuss the Tiffany controversy and introduce two new quiz sections: “Do you Know Kpop” and “Kpopularity.” As we continue to explain in our show: we’re still experimenting on a winning format and feel like we’re getting closer to a set of recurring segments that we like.


Our thinking behind the new quiz sections was that we wanted to create something that’s a bit more interactive with our listeners and future special guests. For this kick-off episode of the Do You Know Kpop segment, Soupermatic quizzes DJ Peter Lo random items in trivia. For the second Kpopularity segment, we ask which idols are more popular in kpop as measured by varied social media metrics. Share with us your score on the two quizzes with the #KArea hashtag on Twitter.

For next show’s poll, we ask who had the better choreography/dance to a chandelier. For your context, we found that Blackpink and EXO apparently recycled the same chandelier on their MV sets, as evidenced in the gif below. Let us know who you thought did it better.


Final Daebak or Not Scores:

CL – Lifted:

👍👍 Daebaks!

EXO – Lotto:

👍👍 Daebaks!

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