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7 Kpop Songs All Gamers Need To Play

blackpink-paddlesWith GOT7’s “Hard Carry” making unintentional – or intentional? you tell me – references to e-gaming culture, we were inspired to make this mini-list of other kpop songs for gamers. In Korea, gaming culture isn’t a novelty as much as it is in the west. With sport arenas filled with fans cheering for their favorite e-sport champions, perhaps the connection between gaming and kpop is stronger than we’ve previously realized.

Are there songs we missed in this list?  Let us know what kpop songs all gamers need to know and play in the comments below! Continue reading

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EXO’s MVP in “Dancing King” is the pink puppet


Ok, that’s it Traktor, we’re done using you as a recording medium. We discovered that the audio recorder for the software was causing several lines from our recording to loop 2 seconds over and over – so this last episode had several segments removed. That said, we’re sharing the pieces that we could salvage from the session and sharing it as a website-exclusive for you purist of K-Area fans. The production level of the episode gives us pause on distributing this to the podcast subscribers.

Tune in for this week’s episode below.We review EXO’s “Dancing King,” holding another Do You Know Kpop quiz and discuss G-Dragon’s recent Instagram privacy controversy.

We’ll pick back up again with a software alternative next week.

Why Red Velvet’s Game of Chance Wins Our Hearts & I-Ren’s “Butt” Examined


And we’re back! At least DJ PeterLo is back which means that the team can continue recording episodes again. For this return episode we take a critical look at Red Velvet’s royale, play the usual quiz party games, and review I-Ren’s Butt.

As a couple of newbies who are still figuring out podcasting we unfortunately ran into a recording issue which caused part of our tirade on I-Ren’s Butt to cut out and the beginning to our weekly K-popularity to drop. We’ll look to other recording methods in the future, but caveat: part of the live recording for this issue was dropped. Aside from the technical issue – we always welcome your feedback on what’s working and what isn’t. Just give us a tweet at #KArea or leave a comment below.

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