Why Red Velvet’s Game of Chance Wins Our Hearts & I-Ren’s “Butt” Examined


And we’re back! At least DJ PeterLo is back which means that the team can continue recording episodes again. For this return episode we take a critical look at Red Velvet’s royale, play the usual quiz party games, and review I-Ren’s Butt.

As a couple of newbies who are still figuring out podcasting we unfortunately ran into a recording issue which caused part of our tirade on I-Ren’s Butt to cut out and the beginning to our weekly K-popularity to drop. We’ll look to other recording methods in the future, but caveat: part of the live recording for this issue was dropped. Aside from the technical issue – we always welcome your feedback on what’s working and what isn’t. Just give us a tweet at #KArea or leave a comment below.


Red Velvet’s Russian Roulette slayed us this week. We largely remark how J-pop it sounds. While @Soupermatic and @DJPeterLo critique that the concept isn’t clear in meaning, Nurse Joyce remarks that not all kpop songs need a easily defined answer to a theme. Perhaps it is Red Velvet’s theme to be a potpourri. In any case we liked it.

Final Daebak or Not Scores:

Red Velvet’s “Russian Roulette:”

👍👍👍 Daebaks!

We argue that the implied murder from Russian Roulette could be compared with LABOUM’s “Shooting Love” which as a similarly cute carnage. For this week’s poll, we ask: which song had more aegyo violence?

A Wonderful Treasure Find (yes we’re stealing the phrase from Simon & Martina), I-Ren’s “Butt” provides some laffs for two dudes acting like pre-teens.

iren-buttGuys, I think – I think this song is about butts. 


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One thought on “Why Red Velvet’s Game of Chance Wins Our Hearts & I-Ren’s “Butt” Examined

  1. noname says:

    In September 2016, the South Korean girl group Red Velvet released their third extended play with the title “Russian Roulette”, with a lead single of the same name. Its lyrics compare the process of winning someone’s heart with a game of Russian roulette and its music video features the girls sabotaging each other with fatal (off-screen) consequences, such as dropping pianos on the other members and pushing each other into empty swimming pools, drawing parallels to the lethality of Russian roulette.

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