7 Kpop Songs All Gamers Need To Play

blackpink-paddlesWith GOT7’s “Hard Carry” making unintentional – or intentional? you tell me – references to e-gaming culture, we were inspired to make this mini-list of other kpop songs for gamers. In Korea, gaming culture isn’t a novelty as much as it is in the west. With sport arenas filled with fans cheering for their favorite e-sport champions, perhaps the connection between gaming and kpop is stronger than we’ve previously realized.

Are there songs we missed in this list?  Let us know what kpop songs all gamers need to know and play in the comments below!

GOT7 – Hard Carry A term known in MOBA games like LoL, DoTA or Heroes of the Storm, to “carry” a team member often means to compensate one’s own skill for a lesser-performing teammate. A great song for when you’re playing an uphill battle or feeling unappreciated by your team.

VIXX – Rock Ur Body While Sistar’s Dasom handle over arcade button mashing doesn’t provide much to promote the girls who game movement, members of VIXX are more than happy to show her how to pilot their joystick. 8-bit space invaders? check. The recycled tetris blocks from Brown Eyed Girls’ “Abracadabra” set? also check.

IVY – Sonata of Temptation If you were reminded of the seventh issue of a certain finishing-fairieland by watching IVY’s “Sonata of Temptation,” you weren’t alone. The music video copies a fight scene from the Final Fantasy Advent Children film to a tee. That didn’t mean that the Korean director secured the rights to the concept or footage. For this director, finding the contact information for Square-Enix was too difficult. Retro kpop fans will recall how Ivy rode this chocobo to top the charts.

Boys Republic – Video Game Okay, okay, so maybe the theme of this song wasn’t so subtle but it’s on point for the sake of this listacle. A VR version of a hybrid Tetris and Breakout game? Uhh, yes please!

BTS – War of Hormone The song starts with mario coins and a mushroom power up. Yeah – that’s pretty much it. ’nuff said.

MONSTA X – HERO Any video game protagonist of the 16-bit video game era can answer the call of Monsta X’s “Hero.” An overused trope in video games often stars a hero saving a princess and Monsta X delivers in relevant lyrics and retro Mario/ Donkey Kong audio samples. Oh, and yes in case you’re wondering, they’re the exact same samples used in BTS’ War of Hormone.

SNSD – Gee The most cliche kpop song of all time, the chorus of the Girls Generation single repeats a phrase used by gamers to indicate a Good Game: “GG.” Frequently used as a sort of handshake at the end of a contested round or game, typing the acronym “GG” signals a well sparred match. eSport Starcraft 1 players were greeted by covers of the SNSD singles at the end of the game – and Intel took notice. The branding opportunity may have led to the sponsored SNSD single “Visual Dreams” by semiconductor giant Intel.

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