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We tell SHINee what to do & Skydive with BAP


When you’re gone for a day and return it’s worthy of a COMEBACK STAGE – at least for Nurse Joyce who missed our last episode. For this episode, we review BAP’s “Skydive” and SHINee’s “Tell Me What To Do” for Daebak or Not. Following this, we discuss TOP’s military departure and TWICE’s rise to fame.

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Taeyeon’s 11:11 & Norazo’s Great Fortune featuring Angie Mills


For this week we were blessed to have Kpop contemporary, Angie Mills to discuss Taeyeon’s 11:11 and react to Norazo’s wonderful treasure find of Norazo’s “Ni pal ja ya.” We of course put Angie through the gauntlet of pestering her on what’s up with kpop today and how well she knows kpop.

This week’s WTF can be watched – or reacted to – below.

Blackpink Plays With Fire and Why Rainbow Can’t Stay


In a double shot of Daebak or Not we review “Playing With Fire” and “Stay.” The three K-Area hosts offer varied perspectives the Blackpink songs and further speculate on what led to the Rainbow disbandment.

As always, this week’s mixtape can be listened before or after the podcast below:

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