Monthly Archives: December 2016

Saying Goodbye to Big Bang

Soupermatic and DJ PeterLo bid farewell to Big Bang until members return from their military service. Are Big Bang’s concluding hits, “Fxxk It” and “Last Dance” Daebak or Not? Continue reading

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Seventeen & Hyoyeon’s Shared Toys

In a quick take, Nurse Joyce and DJ PLo take a look at Hyoyeon’s “Mystery” and Seventeen’s “Boom Boom.” As shown in the image above, we were surprised to see that the perpetual motion toy was scene in both music videos for this week. Continue reading

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How To Thank 2NE1 & Navigate Through Zico’s Bermuda Triangle

We welcome Angie Mills back to discuss what it means overcome a 2ne1 breakup. We further review Zico’s “Bermuda Triangle” for Daebak or Not and discuss some of our favorite kpop songs for Christmas. Continue reading

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