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The GOT7 Flight Log Trilogy: Explained & Deconstructed

The week prior to the recording of this episode we had planned to do a quick Daebak or Not on GOT7’s “Never Ever.” Prepared with remarks, we started recording ourselves discussing how the music video raised more questions than answers which made us ultimately realize: we weren’t taking into the account the comprehensive narrative from the trilogy. We then used the rest of our recording time that evening to review and breakdown the symbols and story of the GOT7 Flight Log trilogy. We were amazed by the layers of story included in the piece and felt like it warranted an extra long episode to dive deeper into dispelling this obtuse tale to our listeners.  Continue reading

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The Meaning of B.A.P’s “Wake Me Up” Explained

B.A.P’s “Wake Me Up” is layered in meanings which go beyond mental health. We dive into these hidden explanations thanks to Reddit user BrigidAndair. Continue reading

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HyunA will remember this moment from San Francisco

We had a chance to see the San Francisco stop of HyunA’s tour, recap pivotal moments and share a few stories to bring you to the heart of the show. See the photos captured from the program below. Thanks to KpopMe who let us into the show!

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What Most Fans Miss in GFriend’s “FINGERTIP”

GFriend’s “Fingertip” may appear to be a dream-centered story in the music video, but what most people miss is the Greek mythology driving the narrative in this latest hit.

Post-production note: we were wrong about “Navillera” meaning ‘butterfly’ in Spanish. It sounds like this was more based off of “Navi” sounding like ‘butterfly’ in Korean. Continue reading

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