The GOT7 Flight Log Trilogy: Explained & Deconstructed

The week prior to the recording of this episode we had planned to do a quick Daebak or Not on GOT7’s “Never Ever.” Prepared with remarks, we started recording ourselves discussing how the music video raised more questions than answers which made us ultimately realize: we weren’t taking into the account the comprehensive narrative from the trilogy. We then used the rest of our recording time that evening to review and breakdown the symbols and story of the GOT7 Flight Log trilogy. We were amazed by the layers of story included in the piece and felt like it warranted an extra long episode to dive deeper into dispelling this obtuse tale to our listeners. 

Re-watch the Trilogy:

As we recorded this episode, we Periscoped our recording session which – in hindsight – may have distracted our focus in how we told the GOT7 trilogy tale. The original thinking behind this was to see if we could help translate the podcast format into a video we might edit and upload to YouTube later. On the whole, I, peter, feel like we can be more concise in breaking down these deep dives moving forward which prohibit a better YouTube video format.

Now that this episode is out, we might suggest a few revisions to the symbols found in the final “Never Ever” chapter of the Trilogy. On the whole, we subscribe theory that it shows how five of the members died in the car crash:

  • Crashing through a wall – dying on the impact of a car collision
  • Falling into the water, breaking the window of the car to save those trapped inside, drowning in the process
  • Falling into the water, pulling Jinyoung out but drowning in the process
  • Suffocating or living on life support in the hospital
  • ??? Maybe another one drowning the water?

We’re curious to hear your thoughts:



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