Could KARD’s “Rumor” Captivate Kpoppers? | Feat. IU, Jang HanByul, CHEEZE & SNUPER

With the completed debut for the kpop group loved by international fans, we take a critical look at K.A.R.D’s latest “Rumor” release.

K.A.R.D review begins at 11:15.

Songs highlighted in this episode:
– IU’s “Jam Jam”
– Jan HanByul’s “Dumb Love”
– CHEEZE’s “How Do You Think”
– SNUPER’s “Back:hug”

How to win Minzy’s Album, MINZY WORK 01 UNO:
– Leave a comment, email, tweet or message us on Twitter (@TheKpopcast)or Facebook ( with your recommendation for a better name for our top picks segment by May 2.
– The winner will be determined by the hosts who find the best name or the closest suggestion.
– The winner will be announced on a future Kpopcast episode, and will be contacted for shipping details.

Listen to this week’s Kreame of the Kpop on Spotify:…Bvk1C3krRwTxOxiX


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