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SEVENTEEN’s Single: Can Carats Concur with Channeled Chainsmokers?

There’s no doubting that Seventeen’s “Don’t Wanna Cry” channels the essence of Chainsmokers’ “Closer,” but does it resonate with Carats and kpop fans? Continue reading


What Twice’s “Signal” Misses In Translation

The Kpopcast attempts to interpret the mixed signs from Twice’s “Signal” and offer optimistic feedback on what could have been.

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The Subversive Side of PSY

PSY’s two new songs may very well be a shallow boast on hooking up with hot chicks in his 40s, but we discuss possible subversive themes behind the music.


Post production note: it is more likely that “New Face” was filmed at the Venetian in Macau – not Las Vegas. Peter was tired and confused.

Read Jacques’ take on PSY’s singles on Idolator:…-luv-it-new-face

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Triple H vs KARD: Who Did Co-ed Kpop Better?

Mixed gender groups in kpop are still novel, so naturally there’s a lot of hype around the latest ventures by Cube and DSP. In this episode of the Kpopcast, we welcome Stephanie Parker and review Triple H’s “365 FRESH.” Continue reading

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