BoA’s Artistry Compromises Her Kpop Relevance

The OG Kpop Queen BoA returns with her track “CAMO” and the Kpopcast crew takes a critical look at her recent hit.

Read Nick of The Bias List’s Review:

Kudos to @marvidmusic for his concluding bumper music cover. Check Marvid’s talented tunes here:

Hit Replays:
– MFBTY, “짝짝짝 (Clap”
– 효린(HYOLYN) x 키썸(KISUM), “FRUITY”(PROD.Groovyroom)
– DAY6(데이식스) “Hi Hello”

Listen to Hit Replays Available on Spotify:…SxmAKA3wIORNqBBr


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One thought on “BoA’s Artistry Compromises Her Kpop Relevance

  1. Ashley says:

    I’m BoA trash, so of course, any kind of criticism about this MV will rub me the wrong way. Apologize in advance for arguing blindly in BoA’s favor! Your first point about the colors not matching the camouflage theme confuses me. You can camouflage with the background regardless of the color; think of BoA like a chameleon. Regardless of what the background is, BoA blends in with the background in all the scenes, enbodying what it means to camouflage. Imagine her wearing green camo or even a more subdued grey in the arctic; it wouldn’t make much sense. As for the theme being disjoint, I don’t agree, mostly because I interpreted this MV differently from you. This video is along the lines of how I interpreted the video:

    The elaborate story kind of ties everything together. You’re not alone in that you did not understand the message, since many people in various reaction videos have also been confused by the seemingly random effects and scenery. However, so much effort and detail was put into this video that I find it hard to believe that it was all done randomly. As for a “hook” dance move, I’m going to flat out disagree completely. I’ve watched hundreds of CAMO reaction videos and it’s pretty obvious where the hook is. It’s the move at 1:25 which repeats itself throughout the video; every single reactor without fail has reproduced this move at some point in the video and commented on it. Now, I must say that in general, BoA’s choreography is not very reproducable since her choreo tends to match her skill level, which is difficult to replicate for the average k-pop dancer. You’ll only really see professionals covering her dances. However, many of her songs do have iconic hook moves in the choreo, such as in The Shadow, My Name, Kiss My Lips, and many more.

    Overall, I agree that BoA’s artistry probably makes her less marketable, but she’s at a point in her career where she CAN play around and experiment with music that SHE’S proud of. She doesn’t need to pander to the masses; she has already acheived more in her lifetime than most of these newer groups ever will. This is not a new concept. Her SM Station releases are experimental, yes, but so were her last two full albums. Only One and Kiss My Lips are both BoA’s own self-composed albums, and when Kiss My Lips was not well-received by the public, BoA kind of took it to heart. Still, though, she continues to challenge herself with producing new, fresh content. I can only assume it’s because she loves her job, because she sure as hell isn’t doing it for the fame and fortune anymore; she simply doesn’t need to.

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