12 Kpop Podcasts To Listen To

Kpop podcasts offer a way to engage with an informed community around the latest releases in kpop, music trends, personalities’ reactions to the genre, as well as some primary-source interviews from professionals within the industry. Listening to these kpop audio shows in a podcast form allows you to learn about kpop whenever you are with your mobile device – be in the car as you drive, during laundry, cooking, or other tasks which could benefit from an auditory experience.

There are several kpop podcasts that each offer their own set of personalities, perspectives and expertise. It can be fun hearing how each podcast reacts to the same given concept, but below are some to consider subscribing to based on your personal interest. 

1) The Kpopcast

The Kpopcast is a show which dives into a conversation and review around a top song each week – letting listeners know whether the song is “Daebak or Not.” For this test, the hosts critique the concept, message, visuals, dance and audio/song. In addtion to the “Daebak or Not” the hosts provide their personal recommendations in their “Hit Replays” section. The program also brings on special guests to touch on topical trends within kpop.

2) Kpop Unmuted

Kpop Unmuted is dedicated to in-depth discussion of K-Pop. Hosted by Stephen Knight and special voices from the Kpop website KultScene. Unmuted is a great go-to source for the deeper extended look from the perspective of a musicologist and kpop journalists.

3) K-Stop

Fuse’s kpop podcast, K-Stop is hosted by k-pop contemporary Jeff Benjamin and web producer Tina Xu. The two offer hot takes on the latest releases each week, touch on salient issues in the industry in their “deep cuts” section, and recap who is performing well on US iTunes charts.

4) Kpop Hot Pot

KpopHotPot is hosted by the three personalities of Jonathan, Erika and Kimi who openly discuss everything in kpop – inclusive of news, gossip, rumors, and kpop-stan experiences. The trio review songs and have free-form conversation on all of the above.

5) Fomo Daily: Unbiased

A podcast about a rookie K-pop fan’s road to becoming an true stan. In each podcast, Anna will assign Sean a new KPOP artist to check out each week… Sean will do an Internet deep dive and bring in unbiased opinions and questions for her.

6) Fomo Daily: K-Pop Stancast

Spotlighting the voices in and around the kpop fan community, K-pop Stan-cast takes an open Q&A format where Julia – founder of Fomo Daily and podcast host – interviews guests on the area of their fandom or industry expertise.

7) Fomo Daily: Netizens Unite!

A K-Pop podcast that brings you bite-size news five-days-a-week. Let us catch you up on the latest buzz of the Internet!

8) This Week in Kpop

The duo who started kpop podcasting before it was cool, Josh and Stephen offer a raw, unfiltered take from kpop songs from the last two weeks. Every other week, their “After Show Show” touch on other general trends and industry conversation around Kpop.

9) Drama Kandy

A podcast about Korean dramas, music and whatever else we want brought to you by India and Cheryl. Some language and content of these episodes are for mature audiences.

10) Jinjja Cha 

Jinjja Cha is a weekly podcast hosted by Girl Davis and April about South Korean Pop Culture and everything else in between.

11) DaebakCast

Jacob, Nathan and Andrew of DaebakCast provide a comprehensive and long-form chat of their reactions to Kpop.

12) The Kpop Show

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Currently on hiatus, musicians Rhodri and Andrew take a bi-weekly deep look into the songs and albums of kpop. You may have heard Rhodri as a frequent co-host and collaborator on The Kpopcast.

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