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Red Velvet’s 8-Bit “Power Up”

Chip tunes and video game samples were Red Velvet’s 2018 summer song. Was it Daebak or Not? Continue reading

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Seungri-Bae, Saranghae

Reasons to love Seungri? Let us count the ways as Stephanie, Rhodri and PLo a bit off the rails from the usual Kpopcast format. Continue reading

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Whats My Kpop Group Name?

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Big Monsta or Bantang Generation, what’s your Kpop Group name? Let us know in the comments or give us at tweet @Thekpopcast with the hashtag, #Mykpopbandname.

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Is Seventeen’s “Oh My” A Summer Bop?

Seventeen has balanced a dichotomy between EDM and acoustic; aegyo and edgy. So how did Seventeen’s “Oh My” fare as a summer bop? Continue reading

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Is Apink ‘So Sick’ of Being Cute?

Kpop is known for its comebacks and concept changes. Apink, who long pioneered the innocent girl next door concept, have come back with a darker and mature look. Was it Daebak or Not? Apink Panda and reputable kpop journalist, Jacques, joins. Continue reading