What’s Different About ITZY’s “Dalla Dalla”

TZY make it clear that they cannot be held to the typical k-pop standards. With this debut, did ITZY succeed in showing us that they could be all things? Or were they masters of none?

Hit Replays:
– TAEMIN 태민 ‘WANT’ youtu.be/-OfOkiVFmhM
– Dreamcatcher (드림캐쳐) ‘PIRI’ (피리) youtu.be/Pq_mbTSR-a0
– Hwa Sa / HWASA (화사) – TWIT(멍청이) youtu.be/Uu1KvQDDOog

Listen to Hit Replays on Spotify:

Listen to the music in this episode:
– Doo Piano’s DALLA DALLA Piano Cover: youtu.be/AVv7XNQyzIU
– Ace T’s Fingerstyle Guitar Cover: youtu.be/dQNSK5Tp2DA
– Mighty Rocksters’ Band Cover: youtu.be/LebLWwVMIqI


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