(G)I-DLE is ‘Lady Luck’ in “Senorita”

Soyeon and (G)I-DLE come back in the latin-fused “Senorĩta” [sic] as a nefarious personification of Lady Luck.

In this episode, we welcome Olivia to the Kpopcast team. Olivia has begun Kpopcast’s social media and joins us to provide her thoughts.

– Jason Derulo, LAY, NCT 127 – Let’s Shut Up & Dance youtu.be/YBWgqb3KIeA
– VAV(브이에이브이) Senorita youtu.be/umv7vZ4SmCc
– 식케이(Sik-K) – ADDICT (Prod. Girlnexxtdoor) youtu.be/SOZd_ncy7Ig
– SUV (신동&UV) ‘치어맨 (Cheer Man)’ youtu.be/CaAAbDqmeyY

Listen to Hit Replays on Spotify:

Listen to the music on this episode:
– ShingGiWon’s Piano Cover: youtu.be/AAMe_6UdJNI
– La Thang’s Guitar Cover: youtu.be/fsKWXXd_5xI
– Might Rocksters’ Rock Cover: youtu.be/cXvhp1vV4bE

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