The Kpopcast is a kpop podcast. The weekly program features reviews of the latest kpop releases, within trends within the genre, and what it means to be a kpop fan in the United States. Occasionally the show provides live coverage of events, or interviews contemporaries in kpop.

Hosts Soupermatic, Stephanie and DJ Peter Lo discuss kpop through the follow recurring segments:

  • Hit Replays: Designed to offer song recommendations that might not always be on the top 40 for kpop, the show hosts each offer their hot 30-second take for what they’re listening to for the week on replay.
  • Daebak or Not: Our feature segment which takes a critical look at the hottest kpop single of the week. Hosts each give the kpop hit a numerical one to five score – five being the highest – for two sub-categories:
    • The concept: what the hosts think from the visuals, theme, message/story and the dance.
    • The audio: what the hosts think of the song itself

Lastly, hosts offer their overall score for the single in whether the song is Daebak or Not.

  • Listener Feedback: Listening to listener responses to the prior episode, kpopcast hosts continue conversations which add insight or provocative discussion around kpop.

If there’s a story you think our listeners would like to hear, or some music you would like to share, shoot Peter an email : lopeter [at] mac.com.

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